Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer ...

... yeah, right!

I think we've been busier in our household now than during the school year!
I will admit it's at least more fun things for the kids but it's certainly 
more of a juggling challenge for me.
Anyone feel that way, too!?

In an effort to maintain my summer sanity, I am trying to find ways for art to
fit in to our busy days too.

With that goal in mind, the ping-pong table in our basement was temporarily (or at least Greg sincerely hopes it's temporary!) converted into an art table for "She Art" Girl canvas art.
 (see and her She Art Workshop)

My daughters and I have seen 8 girls take shape over the past 3 weeks. They each made one for their room:

Here is Mackenzie's -

and here is Paige's -

I have been working on a girl for my oldest son's lovely girlfriend (Hi Allie!) and 5 girls to donate for a charity auction benefit for the Idaho Health Care Association. Special thanks to Christy Tomlinson for her permission for us all to use her workshop design to create for the auction and special thanks to Jana Darrington for this fabulous idea and opportunity to share our art with others!

Here are my 6 from their simple paper covered canvas beginnings ...

transforming, layer ...

by layer ...

by layer ...

by layer ...

by layer ... to these finished beauties.

How fun it's been creating these!! Each girl is a little piece of me and touches me in different ways as she "becomes" art. It is sort of bittersweet to send them off to the auction but I'm hoping they will each find the girl who fits them perfectly.

So ... lazy summer days?

Maybe not as many as I'd like yet.
But, here's to summer art days at least - tucked in wherever I find a place for them.

Thanks for looking.
Hoping you get to enjoy a few lazy days of summer yourself,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art on Hand

I was feeling quite pleased with myself awhile back when I had the idea to
make up the foundation of a few of these exploding photo albums to keep on hand for last-minute gifts.

All I'd need to do is decorate the covers to personal the gift and I'd have a handmade gift on short notice.

I made 8 of these to "keep on hand" and within a couple of weeks
promptly used each and every one of them.

So much for keeping stock on hand ...

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of another school year - Teacher Gifts

OK - a little chilling away from Blogger and the computer, and, what do you know, photos magically upload like a dream!!

So here is the entry I'd planned for this morning but aborted:

Why, oh why, do I stress myself out making special teacher gifts at the end of the year?
 I always tell myself in March to get a jump on them but I never seem to decide what to do until May and then I'm scrambling. When my girls see how cute the first one is they suddenly decide they simply MUST gift all their teachers, not just the main. I'm such a sucker for this. So, here are the 3 designs of this little correspondence portfolio. I made 2 of each design for the SIX gifts the girls decided to give.
Inside, each held 4 handmade notecards w/ envelopes, 6 sheets of stationary, and postage stamps.
Inspiration for these came from an online class (Mouse, Paper, Scissors Mom) I took from Heidi Swapp and Jessica Sprague. Thanks, ladies, for taking me through the first one. Now I'm hooked.

Thanks for looking.

Giving up for awhile!!!! UGH!

I've spent the past hour trying to upload photos to the blog as an update on the art that's been happening around here. It's been fun, I assure you (the art, NOT the past hour!), but there will be no photographic evidence displayed here until my temper cools and my photos are able to load.

The problem??? Likely, many.

1. I am a technological pre-schooler (OK, probably even that is tooting my own horn since there are plenty of pre-schoolers less intimidated than I on the computer) so if systems change on me unexpectedly I am paralyzed. I can be heard more than once a week declaring how much I detest computers and my lack of skill.

2. I am not a photographer. I do not own or know how to use photoshop and have BARE minimum photo editing skills (i.e. I can crop and do red-eye redux and change pics to black/white but I don't know how to resize my photos to download - which is probably pretty important here, I know).

3. I do not have unlimited hours to spend in front of the computer "training" myself in all these necessary modern skills to make my blog easier to maintain let alone the upgrades I've dreamed of having on it.

4. I am convinced our computer is extremely tempermental. It has a mind of its own - works when it wants to, or not, at whatever speed it feels is appropriate, even though we supposedly have the highest available.

So ... for now ... I'm calling it quits with the blog and admitting defeat. I've wasted enough of my precious little creative time on it. If you'd like to get in touch with me to find out what I've been up to, please feel free to email me at

I'll be in my studio now trying to do a little creative/anger management therapy.