Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Playing "Catch-up" ...

OK - so school has started and the scramble is on to try and
catch up on all the things I've let go all season.
Yeah, right!

I think instead of getting bogged down for too long with that lengthy list,
I will try to savor at least one thing this summer gave me:

In the midst of my lovely landscaped yard I planted a few tomato plants and an herb garden.
While enjoying fresh tomatoes and a variety of fresh herbs just outside my kitchen door is wonderful itself,

nature left us something even more wonderful.
In said herb garden, a mother rabbit burrowed and treated us to a couple weeks of peeks at her babies.
Although only one of the two survived and all too soon the burrow was deserted, we all enjoyed their presence for the time we were allowed a view.
Through this time, I found myself nostalgic for my younger days.
Perhaps the farm finds the farm girl even here in the suburbs.

For your viewing pleasure:

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