Friday, October 31, 2008

Work in Progress

I'm feverishly working on the design for the Countdown to Christmas Calendar class for November 24 and 25. Please be patient with me while I'm working on it. It will likely be next week before it's finished and a photo gets posted. Here's a brief description of the project in case you're interested in registering for the class and would like more info:

Countdown to Christmas Calendar - Monday November 24, Tuesday November 25
Fee: $40

A 12x24" art canvas is decorated with 25 individual magnetized pieces to help you and your family count down the days of December until Christmas Day. You will be able to store the pieces in a decorated box (also part of the class) and reuse this festive piece of art year after year. Come join us!

Photo coming as soon as possible - I PROMISE!

Happy Halloween all!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Been busy, busy, busy!

I've been busy in my studio with many projects (too many, perhaps) besides those for the classes and just thought I'd share pics of them.

Birthday invitation I did for a friend's daughter.
Totally fun working on these since I got to PAINT!

A Halloween "Explosion" Album I did as a swap gift for my Pokeno group this month. This is what it looks like all closed up.

This is what it looks like when it "explodes" open! These are so fun to make and have so many great possibilities.

Now I need to get busy on the Countdown to Christmas Calendar project for next month. Am also creating my list of things to make for Christmas gifts. It typically starts out quite long (because I'm really big on generating ideas) but dwindles down to little when I run out of time to produce things (because I'm really big on procrastinating). Oh well...

Finally - October Project Photos!

Finally, here is the photo of the October 27 class, the Counting our Blessings accordian book. There are openings both for the Monday evening and Tuesday morning class.
Cost: $35
Call or email me to register.

This book is made up of 5 6x8" art canvases painted and/or covered with autumn colored patterned paper, embellished with faux leaves and flowers, metal pieces, and ribbon. It could make a lovely gift for your Thanksgiving hostess or a showpiece decoration for your own Thanksgiving table.

(Front cover view with accordian closed up.)

(Accordian open - side 2)
(Accordian open - side 1)

Join us if you can. Thanks for looking.