Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sharing a little LOVE ...

I finally got off my butt and created AND COMPLETED a project again. Been in a rut lately. Also still been in copy mode. This was a book design I saw on Heidi Swapp's webshow last year before Valentine's Day. I've wanted to make it ever since and decided not to allow another Valentine's Day to go by without doing it. So a month ago, I glimmer misted all the pages. I've been taking the photos since December and sort of putting the book together in my head. Now, here it is.

Thanks for looking.
PS - I'm really not a pink person so this was a step out of my usual color box. I like it though.


Bonita Rose said...

this is beautiful.. .wow..... I can tell u put a lot of thought and planning into it... gorgeous Jill! Thks for letting us all see it! xo

patrice said...

Lovely.... Nice job. Loved the pink and what other color could that sweet book have been? I love the pictures your children are BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you shared this, encourages me to get busy making something today!

Kelly Lish said...

Nice work Jill, I just love photos in black and white. Looks really pretty with the pink too.-so glad to be following your blog! I love the title you have for your blog-a perfect mantra to make every day better.

J.R. Hetrick said...

Hi Jill -

I love your eye, what a great feel for negative space.

Always enjoy your creativity - keep up the outstanding work!


Mikal said...

This is so beautiful Jill! I love the black and white mixed with with color photos.

Great job!

Jeanneoli said...

So pretty and what a sweet gift to your family.