Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dabbling ...

I have unofficially declared 2011 my year to dabble in new art techniques and just have fun learning and playing.

So ... a little show and tell of what I've done so far.

Graphite on paper.

Watercolor on paper.

Watercolor Pencil on Bristol board.

Color Pencil on Bristol board.

And in case you're thinking I'm going all high brow, here is a paper crafty piece of pure FUN I did in a Paperbella e-course by Teresa McFayden last month.

Paper Lady's Slipper
More things yet to come.
Thanks for stopping by.


patrice longmire said...

Lovely! You are very talented.... Please keep up all the art. Very inspiring! Love the painting! Did you have a pattern for the little slipper... Darling!

Mikal said...

Oh my gosh Jill, you have AMAZING talent girl! I LOVE that apple print, so adorable!

Keep growing and sharing!

J.R. Hetrick said...

Good for you! I'd like to get back to painting and drawing, I miss it.

Keep up the great work... it's good for the soul.

...and keep posting, it's a joy to see your work.