Sunday, June 24, 2012

A watercolor vintage Valentine project

I didn't really set out to make a Valentine project this year, it just sort of happened.
I was surfing through the Live with Prima online video classes and came across this one and simply had to try it out. I had been hoarding  selectively reserving Prima's watercolor papers for a very special purpose and now it was time to bring them out to PLAY.
Using the watercolor papers (which start off totally black on white), some Distress Ink, Distress Stains, Glimmer Glaze, watercolor crayons, watercolor pens, watercolor pencils, and Glimmer Mist, this was what my pages looked like. I loved them too much not to make a book out of them.

What better to share on Valentine's Day than the love verse from I Corinthians.
I mounted the pages on black cardstock, then on an old acrylic book I'd also been saving for too long. The book hangs from my 7Gypsies display stand.

Such a cool project to work on.
I did lose a pair of my favorite jeans in the process though. NOTE: Glimmer Glaze doesn't do well on favorite jeans or on carpet. Oops!

Thanks for looking.


Mikal said...

That is really pretty!

I had the SAME problem with that glaze too! I guess reading the directions is kind of important. LOL

Kadee said...

Don't you just hate the prep work... you know, wearing an apron or putting something down on the floor to protect it?!

{connie} said...

beautiful my friend!! tis true...sometimes reading directions and prep work is needed, lol. love and miss ya.

Amanda @ A Sweet Life Rock said...

Hi, Jill, it looks like you make beautiful art.
Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is great!