Friday, June 22, 2012

FINALLY, right?

Since life seems to be traveling at light speed for me, it's no wonder I haven't blogged since ... what? November!! Wow. Sorry. Been a little busy.

In a nutshell there were ...

the holidays,
the interim term and final semester of college for our oldest son,
the many phone calls of encouragement to said college son,
the frequent travels of my DH (LOTS of this),
the trip to California I took to visit old friends and my favorite beach (Laguna),
the online art classes I enjoyed (but have yet to do most of the work for),
the homework (and extra projects - GRRR!) help for our 3 kids still home,
the many chorus and band concerts (we enjoyed but often came 3 a week),
the spring break trip to Utah skiing (that was great!),
the Easter weekend trip to Michigan to visit my mom on the farm,
the middle school musical, Cinderella, in which my daughter was "the studious sister"
the set for said musical, which I got to create! (So much FUN!)
the church dinner theater, Family Camp,
in which my son was the camp's nature guide and my daughter a Bonnie Bell scout,
the set for said dinner theater,
where this time I got to put up wallpaper for a faux log cabin and rock fireplace,
the weekend trip to Massachusetts my DH and I took to see our son's senior art exhibit,
the vertigo and subsequent ER visit for me on said Massachusetts trip (So. Not. Fun.),
the gardening (herbs, flowers, tomato and pepper plants),
the end-of-school-year wrap up events that make you beg for summer break,
the usual May and June events -
Mother's Day, my birthday, my in-laws birthdays, our anniversary, Father's Day,
and my husband's birthday (whew! those two are killer months!)
the graduation party and art exhibit we held for our college son -
Yay! He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree!

and, now that summer break is upon us ...

the summer band and chorus weeks,
the swimming lessons,
the endless requests for play dates, pool dates, sleepovers, and outings with friends,
the family game nights (YES!),
the later bedtimes,
the sleeping in (AHHH!),
the endless trips to the grocery store (man, these kids can eat!),
the picnics on the lawn and dinners on the patio,
the baby bunnies in the herb garden (second year! SO love those little cuties!)
the prep for our beach vacation for July 4th week (Yikes! that's soon!)

and the rest of the summer calendar is just as full.

So ... now that you've read my excuses (if you're still reading!), I will fill in the gaps with pics and details as I get them posted. I have managed a few art projects amidst all this BUSYness and would love to share.

What's keeping you busy these days?

Happy Summer!
Thanks for checking in,


*deb* said...

Good job blogging! Life is so busy! Enjoy...

Kadee said...

Your May/June and is somewhat similar to mine...
Mother's Day... anniversary....Father's Day.. husband's birthday. Hmmmm... so your husband is a Gemini, too?
And good to see I am not the only one who signs up for an on-line course and somehow manages not to finish it.. and I thought that would be easier! LOL

Mikal said...

Life as wife, mom, woman... we are all crazy busy aren't we?

LOVE that you are taking time to create and take care of YOU!

Enjoy summer!