Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Garden Book Class

Here is the Garden Book for the March class coming up. This is the fancy-schmancy cover I teased about last post. It's embossed chipboard (See that Challenge folks!) rubbed with a crayon as a resist then topped with a paint wash. Cool, eh?

The book is 6x12 with chipboard covers and cardstock pages. It's been filled with my neighbor's lovely garden photos.

We'll use lots of colorful papers, ribbon, rubber stamps, transparencies, and lots of other neat doo-dads.

The cool part of this book are the many flaps and flip-outs that allow you to put more photos in it. They're like little hidden treasures as you look through the book.

Here's a chipboard frame (wow - more chipboard, Challenge folks!) we'll use in a couple places.

Doesn't my neighbor have a beautiful garden! I'm giving her this copy of the book after the class is finished. It's sort of payment for having me traipse through her lovely flowers to get these photos last August.

I love having a neighbor with a beautiful garden because I'm really not much of a gardener myself.

I guess I'd rather see a riot of color in my ribbon bin and my array of scrapbook papers. They're a little less maintenance for me.

There's a document envelope on the back cover for journaling, gardening notes, those funky little plant tags that (I've heard) come in the pots when you buy the plants (if you're braver than I am and actually buy them) - or just more photos.

So ... class is Monday, March 23 at 6:30pm at St. John Lutheran Church.
Class Fee: $40
Call or email me to register. Space is limited on this one so register early (especially if you think you might want additional kits).
Supplies on this one are your basic kit with scissors, ruler, pencil, LOTs of adhesive - BOTH glue sticks and tape runners, and mini glue dots.
Thanks for looking. Hope to see you on the 23rd.
- Jill


Anonymous said...

This book is GORGEOUS! wow.
Love the cover too. Very cool

Melinda said...

So pretty...I love all the extra places to add photos! I too wish I was a better gardener.

annette said...

love the covers on this book realy cool. and a the little flip pages LOVE that. beautiful.

candice said...

It's beautiful! The pics of flowers make it even more fabulous! I really love the embossed cover...so cool! Great project Jill.

Keri said...

beautiful! this makes me so excited for spring! those are great photos!

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Nice take on the challenge. Very pretty! I love the covers.

Kristi Smith said...

Great job Jill! Love all the chipboard and photos! Very cool cover!

Might not have mine done until morning . . . we will see! ;)

Jerry Hetrick said...

The work reflects the woman, beautiful.