Monday, March 9, 2009

Garden Book Class and what's next

Happy Monday, everyone.

Guess we're back to winter now after our lovely spring-like weekend. Oh well, this is New England.

I'm finishing up the Garden Book this week for our next class which will meet on Monday 3/23 in the evening. I need to cancel the Tuesday morning version of this class due to a conflict. Please do what you can to arrange to come to the Monday evening class if you were planning on the other. Thanks.

I also have decided to cancel the April Paper Arts class. My children have a very busy school schedule which requires my involvement. Add spring break and Easter into the month and I am tapped out with little or no design time. So sorry ... maybe you have gotten enough of the bug to come up with some great project ideas for yourselves.

Keep watching for the Garden Book photos. Should be up by Thursday of this week.


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