Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Birthday Book for my parents' 80th!

I made this book to commemorate the family reunion we had in Michigan this summer in honor of both of my parent's 80th birthdays. The cover is pretty simply covered chipboard.

Inner pages are covered chipboard and envelope pockets.

In each of the envelopes is a card with a family photo of each of the individual families who were present at the reunion. Inside the card they each wrote a birthday message to Mom and Dad.

There were so many photos from the weekend to pack into this book that I had to make some small and quite a few overlapping. However, I think it came out OK as far as capturing the weekend.

Here's the birthday couple. Sweet, huh?! Happy 80th Birthday, Mom and Dad!

Thanks for looking.

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J.R. Hetrick said...

You do such great work Jill.