Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OK - obviously other things have been in the way of blog posting lately.

Unfortunately I have nothing very interesting to post - no photos, no projects, not even anything terribly riveting to read.

We are here though, back home in the midwest. We're in a rental house for now and are focused on getting the kids in school and developing a routine around the household. I'm unpacking my studio still (Wow! What a lot of stuff I have even after selling and donating before the move!) and my hands are just itching to PLAY with it all. I have a notebook with several pages full of ideas I want to work into real projects soon but must get organized in the work space first.

Hoping to get something up here soon.

Our summer travels produced many photo ops as we'd hoped but I have yet to sort through them for my family album. I think that may be a work-in-progress for some time to come but I'm certain I got at least a few gems this summer to go in it.

Hope you all had a wonderful creative summer.


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