Sunday, February 15, 2009

Up Next!

I realize we haven't even had the Flowering Box class yet - it's next week for any still sitting on the fence - but ... I must tempt you with the Garden Book class coming up next month.

I'm only giving a tidbit at a time as I work on it. This one isn't even a visual yet (sorry), but ... we're going to do this really cool technique on the cover of the book. It's called a faux leather technique with crayons and paint.

'Nough said.

As soon as I finish a sample and photo, I'll share. The rest of the book is designed to have loads of flaps and flip-ups that can double the number of photos the pages can hold. I'm excited to share this one. Keep watching the blog for updates.

My kids are off on winter break this week so not sure how much progress I'll be making in my studio. Hopefully it will be a good balance for me between all the "Mom" stuff and all the "me" stuff. I so need that "me" stuff too.

Until I get something to show you ...


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