Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Thought I'd share a bit of the holiday cheer that folks would see if they wandered through my house during the season. I know it could be seen as overkill but I'm one of those freakish people who have to have a touch of Christmas nearly everywhere in the house. Yes, it's a pain to put up and put away. Yes, my kids love it. Yes, to me it's beatiful.

These are in my basement ...

This is my kitchen tree with snowmen and snow flakes all over it. Love the little guy under the tree.

This is a closeup of my living room tree. It's very elegant and has some unique foliage added to compensate for a rather thin tree.

A closeup of my family room tree done with birds and bird houses and these lovely copper "wish" stars.

This is my stair bannister in the foyer. There's a garland decorated like this that goes all the way up, of course.

These cute little guys greet all who enter our house. We have a tradition (now in it's 4th year) of attending The Nutcracker ballet so these are a favorite.

My living room tree.

My dining room sideboard decor. When my youngest daughter was two this was on the floor in our former house with holiday greens and some vintage books in it. One day I caught her sitting IN THE SLEIGH with one of the books in her hand. She was 18 months old. Cute photo I really must scrap someday.

My dining room centerpiece. Like the feather pick? That was a new addition this year. A funky touch but I like it.

My kitchen windowsill.

Garland over my kitchen window complete with lovely smelling cinnamon ornaments made by my daughter last year.

Another kitchen garland over my screened porch entrance. Love the cranberry vine!

My family room mantle has more of the village pieces as my basement and living room mantles. They are a favorite collection that my mother started for me years ago.

My family room tree with the birds and houses. My two girls helped decorate this one and they put all the birds on in pairs. Cute.

I hope you enjoyed this little (well, not so little) Holiday tour of my house.
Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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